Organization Chart

College Development Committee

As per Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 (Mah. Act No. VI of 2017) clause 97, a College Development Committee (CDC) has been established at PCER, Chembur.


Elected and Nominated members shall have a term of five years from the date of election or nomination. If any vacancy occurs in the office of such member, the vacancy shall be filled within three months by the Principal and the member so appointed shall hold office for the residual term for which the earlier member shall have held the office if the vacancy had not occurred.

Name Designation
Dr. K. M .Vasudevan PillaiChairperson of the Management
Dr. Daphne PillaiSecretary of the Management
Dr. Reni Francisi/c Principal
Dr. Asmita HuddharMember – Nominated by Principal
Dr. Sunita Jain Member – Coordinator, IQAC
Dr. Mary George VargheseElected- Teacher’s Representative
Ms. Vani Achari UmmadisinguElected- Teacher’s Representative
Ms. Jaya CherianElected- Teacher’s Representative
Smt. Saroja VeersinghElected- Non Teaching Representative
Dr. Sharada SharmaMember
Dr. HarryMember
Dr. Swasti DharMember (Alumni Representative)
Mr. Guarav ShindeMember (Alumni Representative)
Ms. Sudha PriyaSecretary, College Students’ Council
Meeting: Twice in a semester

The College Development Committee meeting takes place twice every semester i.e. four times in a year.

The College Development Committee shall

  1. To seek ways and means to promote academic excellence and infrastructural development of the institution as per the norms and regulations of the University, NCTE and UGC.
  2. Prepare an overall comprehensive development plan of the college regarding academic, administrative and infrastructural growth, and enable college to foster excellence in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  3. Decide about the overall teaching programmes or annual calendar of the college
  4. Recommend to the management about introducing new academic courses and the creation of additional teaching and administrative posts
  5. Take review of the self-financing courses in the college, if any, and make recommendations for their improvement
  6. Make specific recommendations to the management to foster academic collaborations to strengthen teaching and research
  7. Make specific recommendations regarding the improvement in teaching and suitable training programmes for the employees of the college
  8. Formulate proposals of new expenditure not provided for in the annual financial estimates (budget)
  9. Discuss the reports of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee and make suitable recommendations
  10. Recommend the administration about appropriate steps to be taken regarding the discipline, safety and security issues of the college or institution
  11. Prepare the annual report on the work done by committee for the year ending on the 30th June and submit the same to the management of such college