International Exchange Program

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International Exchange Program – NETWORKING

Networking is nothing but simply building relationships. In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective net worker sets you apart from the crowd. Networking helps an institution / individual to be more visible and create more opportunities in the world of work.

It is through networking that one gets fast access to a group of qualified professionals and institutions which helps in maintaining knowledgeable and current contacts

Networking though a bit challenging is very important in today’s era of globalization. More than just a “meet and greet” session, networking allows people with similar interests to come together and share professional knowledge.

This is precisely the reason why MES Pillai College of Education and Research and its faculty believes in networking and is known for its contribution in the field of Education.

PCER has been interacting with other teacher education institutions, Universities, Non governmental organizations, International organizations etc trying to lend a helping hand in their activities at the same time opening avenues for further collaborations which benefits our students eventually.

To build bridges between institutions and encourage synergies between colleges of education
To interact with people of other fields and bring about exchange of ideas
To identify and exchange the best practices between institutions
To seek innovative ideas and pastures for growth
To develop research projects for improving educational practices
To support and expand staff mobility programmes

M.E.S. PCER has collaborated at the institutional level by organizing programmes at

Local Level
National Level
International Level

Local Linkages

The institution has worked with local NGOs and GOs through the community work and outreach programmes.

One such project taken up was with the Navjeevan Centre Murbad which is the home for street children and children of commercial sex workers. The students carried out remedial teaching for these students by staying with them for 15 days.

The institution also rendered help to the Children’s Aid Society, Mankhurd where in they were sensitized towards the needs/ problems of the neglected section of the society.
PCER collaborated with GODS – (NGO for disabled). The students participated a rally to bring about awareness among the commoners the problems faced by the disadvantaged group of the society.

The institution also contributed their services to Premdaan, an NGO belonging to the Missionaries of Charities, Airoli which shelters deserted women and street children by catering to their basic needs.

Linkages with NGOs like Erudite and World Vision helped us bring awareness of AIDS and helped organize blood donation camps etc.

National Linkages

PCER collaborated with Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and organized a workshop ‘Research in Education’ for school teacher, which was appreciated by the teachers. An action research with the faculty members is in the pipeline.

A research on Carbon Footprints was carried out in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Deonar. This research helped check the attitudinal change in the students towards environmental issues.

PCER was the centre for IGNOU – B.Ed. through distance education. Our faculty was actively involved in organizing and conducting various activities like arranging lectures, practice teaching, assessment etc.

Brahmakumaris is a NGO which trains people in the art of living. The sisters of Brahmakumaris conducted a workshop on how to live stress free by practicing yoga and meditation and manage anger the healthier way.

International Linkages

Soroptimist International Club is an international organization which has its branches in many countries like Great Britain, Ireland etc. PCER works with this organization by helping destitute and underprivileged women through activities like Jumble Sale raffles etc.

The institution also harboures linkages with other Universities like St Mary’s, USA where in we are working on Student Exchange Program.

Another Student and Faculty Exchange Program in the offing is by the Dominquez Hills College of Education, California State University.

A workshop on Educational Research was also conducted by Dr. Leena Furtado, associate professor, Dominquez Hills college of Education, California State University.
Online debate through Teleconferencing was organized by PCER between students residing in India and students in London.

Networking enables us to keep upbreast with the latest in our professional fields, also the contacts helps to develop academically and professionally. Networking has benefited our faculty immensely as they have enriching experiences being exposed to inter disciplinary areas of work. They have evolved in their subject of interest and study and have contributed largely to the society through their expertise.