Expert Lecture Series

PCER Chembur organized an Expert Lecture Series for F. Y. B. Ed students through YouTube Live from 6th April, 2021 – 13th April, 2021 from 5.00 p.m. – 5.45 p.m. The lecture series organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell was conducted to provide students with an opportunity to interact with eminent senior faculty in the field of education and to gain from their expertise in various subject areas.

Dr. Agnes Ronald D’Costa, Associate Professor, Pushpanjali College of Education Vasai, conducted the session on 6th April, 2021 on the topic ‘Cyber Bullying’ from IC 1 Gender, School and Society.

  • Dr. Frances Vaidya, Associate Professor, Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan’s Surajba College of Education Juhu, conducted the session on 7th April, 2021 on the topic ‘Activity Method (M.K. Gandhi)’ from CC 2- Knowledge and Curriculum.
  • Dr. Sheela Philips, Associate Professor, St. Teresa’s Institute of Education conducted the session on 9th April, 2021 on the topic ‘ Discovery Method by John Dewey’ from CC2 Knowledge and Curriculum.
  • Ms. Suman Ananthanarayan, Assistant Professor, Shree Narayan Guru College of Education, conducted the session on 13th April, 2021 on the topic ‘The theory of Urie Bronfenbenner’ from CC1 – Childhood and Growing Up.

The highly interactive sessions provided detailed and systematic coverage of the various topics. The students were asked to post their views and questions which were addressed by the resource persons. The students immensely benefited from these interactive sessions and all the sessions were highly appreciated by them. The lecture series was in keeping with the SDG 4 Quality Education. The YouTube links for the lectures are as given below:

Online Special Assembly World Water Day

The VENTEL Cell of PCER, Chembur organized a Special Assembly on the occasion of World Water Day, 2021. The special assembly was organized by the students of the first year (Batch 2020-22).

The assembly began with a prayer by Ms. Lyzandra Rebello followed by ‘Thoughts on water conservation’ by Ms. Lincy Perera. Ms. Maitree Vora then presented her views on the importance of water conservation and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 which focuses on Clean Water and Sanitation. A short film on the how we can individually contribute to save water was presented by Ms. Mamata Jain. The host for the evening, Ms. Maitree Vora, concluded the assembly by inviting our Principal, Dr. Reni Francis to speak about the VENTEL Cell of PCER, Chembur and also about World Water Day.

Apart from the special assembly, a quiz was created and shared via Google Form to raise awareness about the World Water Day. The quiz consisted of 15 questions each carrying 2 points. Students and teachers could attempt the Quiz and earn themselves a Certificate.