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Short term course on Inclusive Learning Environment

Inter University Centre for Disability Studies – Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala in collaboration with MES’s PCER, Chembur organised a week long short term course on Inclusive Learning Environment from 10th to 18th June, 2020. The objective of the course was to highlight on Inclusion as a universal human right. This course was in line with the Sustainable Development Goal # 3: Good health and Wellbeing.

The aim of inclusion is to embrace everyone irrespective of race, gender, disability (medical or otherwise), giving equal access and opportunities to all and getting rid of any discrimination or intolerance. It enables every learner to participate equally, confidently and independently in everyday activities.

The course was self -paced through Google Classroom and topic-wise sessions and assignments were uploaded everyday on to the same. The students were expected to see the videos provided, read the references and resources provided and complete and submit the day’s assignment by midnight each day. Certificates were provided after course completion.

Link to the short term course :

Learning Q-EST: Emotional, Social and Teaching Quotient.

The Alumni Association of PCER, Chembur in collaboration with PCER, Chembur reached out to the students and alumni via a three-day value-added course organised and delivered by the alumni themselves.

This was conducted via YouTube Live hosted by PCER Chembur on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May, 2020. The three-day course focussed on the three quotients that are needed for any teacher, viz. the Emotional Quotient (EQ), the Social Quotient (SQ) and the overall Teacher Quotient (TQ).

The resource persons were our own alumni Ms. Priti Roy from the Batch of 2014-15, now a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and a Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) enabler spoke on EQ and elaborated how necessary it is for a teacher to be aware of his/ her own emotions and then pass on the same skill to each child she teaches.

Ms. Sneha Shah from the Batch of 2014-15, a Senior Faculty & Content Writer at Collegepond Education Pvt. Limited spoke about how a teacher may develop her SQ as the school is a miniature society, children should learn the skill to live well in a society.

Ms. Parveen Shaikh, from the Batch of 2013-14 and the Principal of The Somaiya School, Ghatkopar collated all the skills together and spoke about the need and strategies for a teacher to connect with her students.

To see their sessions please go to:

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Prerequisites For Being An Educator by Dr. Sharda Sharma

The Alumni Association of PCER Chembur conducted an online session through YouTube Live on 20th June, 2020 on Prerequisites For Being An Educator by Dr. Sharda Sharma, alumna from the batch of 2007-08. This session was aligned to SDG 4 – Quality Education.

The focus of the session was on the various international boards in India. Dr. Sharda’s expertise is in the study of IB schools which is also the area of study of her doctoral thesis.She explained how the two main international boards accepted in India are the Cambridge and the IB. She provided details about the structure of the two boards and comparisons on the basis of their learner profiles.

Dr. Sharda introduced the students to apps and online platforms such as Voice Thread, Speeko and Orai and also recommended the book ‘The Art of Talking to Anyone’ by Rosalie Maggio.

At the end of the session, Dr. Sharda answered the queries put up by the audiences. She emphasized that one should be a master in one’s discipline, have good content knowledge, have insight about the working of international skills and constantly upgrade oneself especially in the use of communication skills.

The session can be viewed at:

Set Induction In A Virtual Classroom

The ‘Alumni Returns’ is a lecture-series where PCER alumni come back to the college and share their expertise with the students. This academic year due to the prevailing situation of the pandemic and the lockdown, PCER commenced the programme in its online form. This is in line with SDG #4 Quality Education.

On 13th June, 2020, Ms. Shubadra Shenoy, Alumna from the Batch of 2010-11 and at present the founder Principal of Little Angels’ International School, Sion enthralled the students and alumni by holding a session on Set Induction in a Virtual Classroom via a Zoom Meet.

With 95 live participants, this session focused on the various ways in which teachers can provide innovative and interesting learning experiences to students. The games, strategies and concepts shared by Ms. Shubadra were short, simple and can be used across age-groups and subjects. They can be used to start lessons, during recap and even in the middle of the lessons as energisers. The participants benefited immensely from the session as it threw light on the various possibilities for conducting interactive and effective online teaching learning experiences.

The Learning Q-est Series: Let’s Think – The CoRT Tools

PCER alumna Ms. Sheeba Chikodi from the batch of 2012-13, spoke to the student-teachers and the alumni of PCER Chembur about the various CoRT tools popularised by Edward de Bono. The session was conducted on the 27th of July, 2020 via YouTube live at 5.00 pm.

This talk was organised by the Alumni Association of PCER Chembur as a part of The Learning Q-est Series as a part of the Alumni Returns programme.

Ms. Sheeba spoke about the importance of teaching children to think and how teachers need to provide them with the tools for thinking. Like any other skill, these need to be taught and practiced regularly. She spoke at length about some of the tools and gave many examples as to how these can be used in the classrooms. The session ended with Ms. Sheeba answering various questions from the participants.The series was in line with SDG#4: Quality Education and was streamed live over PCER Chembur’s Facebook and Youtube channels.

It can be viewed at:

‘Challenges During Distance Learning’

As a part of the Learning Q-est series organised through the Alumni Returns programme, PCER alumna Ms. Rakhi Pande, from the batch of 2011-12, interacted with the students and alumni of PCER, Chembur over YouTube live on the 4th of July, 2020 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. This series was in line with SDG #4: Quality Education.

As the Head of the Primary Section (English) of the Winchester School in Jebel Ali, Dubai, Ms. Rakhi and her team of around 75 teachers were also thrown into the chaos of online teaching with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Rakhi shared the challenges they faced and overcame, the pitfalls they had overlooked and thus had to conquer and the triumphs which made the entire journey worthwhile. She hoped that by sharing her experiences, the students of PCER would be able to understand the various practical difficulties and challenges faced in real life teaching and take the help of some of the solutions which her team and she used in order to improve their own understanding of teaching online.

The link for the session is :

Experiences in Today’s Challenging Times

On the 28th of August, 2020 PCER alumni from the batch of 2017-19, Ms. Jincy James and Ms. Nanda Deshmukh addressed the students and the alumni of the college via an online session of the Alumni Returns where we carried forward the ‘Learning Q-est Series’ in line with SDG#4: Quality Education.

They spoke about their Experiences in Today’s Challenging Times and shared the perspective of teaching at the Junior College and Degree College level and also the challenge of teaching a number-loaded subject like Accountancy.

The Pandemic has forced the entire education system to adapt and adopt at a very fast rate but the college students, who stand at the cusp between adolescence and adulthood need special care and support from their teachers and so teachers had to step up not only with content and subject knowledge but also with providing emotional support.

The complete session can be viewed at

World Students’ Day – A Quirky Story Writing Competition

On the occasion of World Students’ Day on 15th October, 2020 – a day dedicated to commemorate the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary, the students of PCER, Chembur participated in a story writing competition with a twist.

Students were invited to send in their entries by the 18th October in either English or in Hindi under the themes – Autobiographical, Science Fiction or Poetic Rhyme. Each story was to be titled ‘The Journey of a Student’ and the twist/ quirk was that each entry had to contain four specific words/ phrases as a part of the story.

Students participated enthusiastically. The winners were awarded Certificates and a cash prize (Amazon coupons) which were sponsored by the Alumni Association of PCER, Chembur.

The activity was in line with SDG#4: Quality Education.

Secrets from the Classroom – Dynamics that Classroom Experiences can Teach You

On the 8th of August, 2020, Ms. Elvira Castelino, our alumna from the batch of 2011-12 spoke to the students and the alumni of PCER, Chembur about the dynamics which exist in every classroom and how a new teacher can prepare for it.

Drawing on her vast experience in visiting many classrooms as a part of teaching a ‘Reading Programme’ while working with The Pomegranate Workshop, an Arts in Education organisation, Ms. Elvira spoke about how a student should always be kept at the centre of the process. She explained the practicalities of the teaching profession which are not always spelt out for a new teacher and what they should know and how they may prepare.

The Learning Q-est series is in line with SDG#4: Quality Education and the entire discussion can be viewed at

Book Launch 2019-20

‘Decoding SDG in Classroom’ is a book authored by the Alumni Association of MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur. It is an attempt in understanding the classroom dynamics in relation to the need of the hour in our society and world at large. It unleashes the potentials of a teacher to incorporate SDGs in our classroom. The book is written by 9 alumnus of MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur, they have taken deep interest and keen efforts in preparing these lesson plans. It provides guidelines in transacting and transmitting the ideas, thoughts of SDGs in classroom through various activities, discussion and showcasing the impact in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain. The author and co-authors Dr. Reni Francis – Principal MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur and her team of alumni Bhakti, Nanda, Jincy, Shubashri, Sophia, Sabrina, Sivaranjani and Yasmin take pride in authoring and releasing this book.

One-day Symposium on ‘Sharing of Best Practices’

The Alumni Association of PCER-Chembur organised a One-day Symposium on ‘Institutional Best Practices’ through the Intellectual Capacity Building Network Centre (ICBN) on Thursday, 14th February, 2019 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Room No. 401, MES’s Chembur Campus.

The Symposium started with Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai, the Chairman of MES declaring the Symposium open and sharing his views about the importance of sharing best practices amongst various institutions. This was followed by the Keynote address given by Ms. Parveen Shaikh who is an alumnus from the batch of 2013-14 and is currently the Principal of The Somaiya School, Vidya Vihar. Ms. Shaikh spoke about ‘Visible Learning’ and how teachers must adopt visible learning in the classroom.

The presentations consisted of 10 participants from various institutes. The programme ended with a vote of thanks.

EventResource PersonDate
Interactive Session on the ‘Role of the Teacher in Today’s Classrooms’Ms. Jyothi Malhotra
(Batch of 2013-14)
Assistant Teacher
AVM School, BKC, Mumbai

Ms. Sindhuja Hariharan
(Batch of 2014-15)
Assistant Teacher
Model School, Chhedanagar, Mumbai
23rd June, 2016
Introduction to Baseline Tests in Schools
(Organised by ICBN)
Ms. Taruna Patel
Assistant Teacher, CEHS and
Ms. Ayesha Parker
Assistant Teacher, CEHS
1st October, 2016
Annual Alumni MeetExpert Talks by
Dr. Asawari Bhave Gudipudi
(Batch of 2002-03)
Dean of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune

Ms. Subhadra Shenoy
(batch of 2010-11)
Principal – Shishuvan School, Matunga, Mumbai

Ms. Nisha Chavan
(Batch of 2011-12)
Principal – Little Angels High School, Santacruz (W), Mumbai
22nd October, 2016
Workshop on ‘Non-Violent CommunicationMs. Suma Lerin
(Batch of 2013-14)
Primary Teacher
The Somaiya School
Vidyavihar, Mumbai

Ms. Sujata Dewaji
Parent Educator and Expert on NVC Training
5th December, 2016
Symposium on ‘Other Boards – How it differs from SSC?Ms. Sharda Sharma
Director and Deputy CEO – Dr. Pillai Global Academy, Gorai

Ms. Munmun Nandi
Senior Teacher – St. Gregorious High School, Chembur

Dr. Reni Francis
Assistant Professor, PCER-Chembur
28th January, 2017
EventResource PersonDate
Workshop on ‘Effective CommunicationMs. Suman Ananthanarayanan
(Batch of 2013-14)
M.Ed. Student, University of Mumbai

Ms. Vasundhara Kaul
(Batch of 2013-14)
M.Ed. Student, University of Mumbai
27th November, 2015
Interactive Session on the ‘Role of the Teacher in Today’s Classrooms’Ms. Jyothi Malhotra
(Batch of 2013-14)
Assistant Teacher
AVM School, BKC, Mumbai

Ms. Sindhuja Hariharan
(Batch of 2014-15)
Assistant Teacher
Model School, Chheda Nagar, Mumbai
23rd June, 2016
Annual Alumni Meet21st January, 2016
EventResource PersonDate
Workshop on ‘Raising the Standards of Teaching’Ms. Rebecca Walker
(Batch of 2000-2001)
Elementary Teacher in Warwick General School, London
13th August, 2014
Expert Talk on ‘Innovative ways to Introduce a Lesson’Ms. Shubhadra Shenoy
(Batch of 2010-11)
Principal – Shishuvan School, Matunga
23rd August, 2014
Annual Alumni Meet18th October, 2014
Expert Talk on ‘The Relevance of the B.Ed. Curriculum for today’s teacher’Ms. Parveen Shaikh,
(Batch of 2013-14)
Pre-Primary Head – The Somaiya School

Mr. Vaibhav Avaghade
(Batch of 1993-94)
Principal – SNDT College of Education, Wadala

Mr. Sunil Sharma
(Batch 2011-13)
Author & Educator
18th October, 2014
Workshop on ‘The International Teacher’Ms. Swapna Jare
(Batch of 1989-90)
Founder & Director
Mind 1 Mind, UK
20th February, 2015
Workshop ‘Tricks that Every Teacher Should Know’Ms. Parveen Shaikh
(Batch of 2013-14)
Pre-Primary Head – The Somaiya School
20th February, 2015
The Intellectual Capacity Building Network Centre – Research Forum II
Workshop on “Innovative Ways to Introduce a Lesson”

On the 24th August, 2013, PCER Chembur alumni Ms. Shubadra Shenoy, Head-Secondary Section, Shishuvan School conducted a Workshop on “Innovative Ways to Introduce a Lesson”.

Ms. Shenoy, being an alumnus of PCER, was able to relate to the student-teachers and instantly established a rapport with them. She began the workshop by stressing the importance of the Set Induction in any lesson.

The key element in the Set Induction is that it acts as a Trigger in the minds of the children. Each aspect of the teacher, from his/her entry to the exit is keenly observed by the students and must, therefore, be planned carefully by the teacher. She proceeded to demonstrate this with a picture of different dishes that make up a meal and established a parallel between the dishes (with an emphasis on the starter) and the different stages of a lesson. This helped to bring home the point she was making very clearly to the student-teachers. Ms. Shenoy clarified the differences between the following components of Set Induction –

  • Energisers
  • Ice-Breakers
  • Starters
  • Plenary (to conclude)
  • Introduction

The student-teachers found the workshop to be interesting and enriching. They participated enthusiastically in the different activities and enjoyed them immensely. In addition, they were very reassured by Ms. Shenoy’s confidence in their ability to excel in their teaching careers.

For their second activity, on the occasion of the annual Alumni Meet 2013, the ICBN organised a Panel Discussion on all the recourse that are available after the students complete their B.Ed. degree.

The topic for the Panel Discussion was ‘Beyond the Horizon of B.Ed.’ and the panelists were our alumni who were at present engaged in various educational capacities. The panelists and the topic that they spoke on were as follows:

  • Ms. Anu Madhok: Anu is currently pursuing her M.Ed. degree and she touched upon the aspect of taking up higher qualifications and what is expected of the same. She spoke about how and why to take up M.Ed. and what benefits would accrue after the successful completion of the degree.
  • Ms. Parvathi Badrinarayanan: Parvathi is pursuing her career as a curriculum planner and this aspect is also one of the options that a student can take up. Many schools, especially those following the international curriculum, has a centralised curriculum planning section and teachers are recruited for this aspect, too.
  • Ms. Mamta Tiwari: Mamta is a Hindi and History subject teacher in a SSC school and she touched upon the challenges that a SSC school teacher faces and how one can prepare for it.
  • Ms. Madhu Bala Ralte: Madhu is an English subject teacher in an IGCSE school and she spoke about the challenges that B.Ed. students face in teaching in an international curriculum.
  • Ms. Biju Nambiar: Biju is the head of the Primary Section of The Somaiya school and has taken up the position of an administrator. She spoke about how useful the B.Ed. subjects are when we teach in a school and the challenges that the administrators face.

The session was moderated by Ms. Rakhi Pande, alumnus of the batch of 2011-12 and currently teaching in Arya Vidya Mandir School at Bandra Kurla Complex. She spoke about the necessity of reading and keeping oneself updated. She summed up what each of the speakers had said and left the students with questions to ponder on.

Institutional Best Practices in MES

Date: 16 March, 2013

Institutional Best Practices in MES ICBN.pdf