Co-curricular Activities

CCA activities group report: Group 4

Food Mela – Valeur on 19th September, 2015

foodmelaThe first activity done by our group was Food Mela – Valeur on 19th September, 2015. We were 10 members in a group from roll numbers 31-40. Teachers told us to make food items that was “Breakfast Menu” for the guests coming in the festival; that is “Potato Wada” and “Idli”. We divided our group for doing this activity where four members (Binish, Bhavna, Yasmin, Yasmeen) made 25 wadas each and other four members (Sister Gulshan, Sister Amita, Sister Majella, Angel) made 35 Idli each and 1 person (Malathi) made 3 different Chutney. We also kept one person to collect our food coupons during the festival (Isha). Like wise work was divided and the entire activity was properly planned and executed by us. The entire activity was successfully executed and we also received positive feedback from our teachers.

Gandhian Values

gandhianvaluesOur second CCA activity was based on “Gandhian Values”. Number of participants in this activity was 14 members, along with our tutorial group roll numbers 31-40 and 84 and another 3 members from other groups were also added. The theme was Gandhian values and we presented as a “Special Assembly” in our class on 29th October, 2015. The topic we selected was Non-violence, we showed – ‘Dandi March Movement in the form of Mime act’. The procedure for the assembly was properly planned. It started with Thought for the Day, Non-violence Mime act, Conclusion, Dance, Oath taking. The whole group participated in it. Every member was allotted some role in the Mime act and as well as Dance. Oath taking was the best part of the activity we received great appreciation from our Principal Madam for good organization.

Joy of Giving In Christmas

joyofgivingThird activity conducted by our group was on Christmas Carols. We the group of 10 members from Roll no 31-40 and 84 participated. Angel, Binish, Bhavna, Sister Amita, Sister Majella, Sister Gulshan, Malathi, Yasmin, Yasmeen, Philomina.
It was presented in the form of Special assembly in the class. The theme of the assembly was “Joy of Giving In Christmas”. We made invitation cards to invite all our teachers, we made Christmas Crib, Decorated our class with Balloons and Stars. Decorated the blackboard by drawing Santa Claus and Christmas tree. We presented a small skit giving a message about how we can help poor children by giving them happiness through our small deed of giving them what they do not have. We conducted a short prayer, read a small passage form the bible and sang Christmas Carols. We also distributed chocolates in the class. Over all our activity was well conducted and appreciated by our teachers.