Remedial Measures


The low achievers are identified by their performance at various tests such as the Content Test, Essays and Semester Examination. Diagnostic testing is further conducted by asking students to prepare for a unit. A test is then conducted to identify students who are at an academic risk. The tutorial group teacher keeps a check on the performance of students under him / her.

The following measures are adopted to improve upon the performance of the academically low achievers:

Extra Classes
Extra classes are conducted if there is a difficulty in understanding the content. To facilitate understanding among the vernacular medium students extra classes are conducted.

Counseling Sessions
Counseling Sessions are organized for student teachers facing personal problems, with the help of a professional counselor appointed by the college.

Advanced learners in the class are identified and assigned as mentors for the low academic achievers.

Study Circle
During the study circle the advanced learners study and help the low academic achievers by guiding and sharing notes and solving queries.

Adoption Scheme
The academically low achievers are identified from each tutorial group and adopted by the teacher educator. Timely guidance is given to keep them at par with the other student teachers.