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Grievance Redressal CellTEAMS ModuleCounselling Unit

The Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted for the Redressal of the problems reported by the students of the college.


  • Encouraging the students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized
  • Get suggestions from students for quality improvement.
  • Give students the sense of participation in problem solving
  • To clear misunderstanding or false notions
  • Restructure policies in the light of grievances
  • Upholding the dignity of the college by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the college through promoting cordial student- student relationships and student – teacher relationship

Grievances received:

  1. Loss of notes and valuables from the class
  2. Need the availability of a counsellor
  3. Notes and circulation
  4. Submission of Assignments and activity files

Actions taken:
The students are aggrieved on the circulation of notes and getting sufficient notes.
Assignment submission dates extended and spaced out after consulting with the Principal and teachers.

Grievances received:

  1. College timing
  2. Canteen facility
  3. Special exam preparation

Actions taken:
Special exam preparation sessions were conducted as per the guidance of the cell. The cell requested the in charge professors to organize the special counselling sessions.
No special decision taken on the grievance on college working hours.
The grievance cell recommended the tutorial in charge teachers to boost the morale of the students special sessions by the counsellor also organised for the students.

Grievances received:

  1. Change in Practice teaching schools
  2. Change in University exam centre

Actions taken:
A general feedback regarding practice teaching was taken from group leaders and teacher-in charge. After consultation necessary rescheduling was recommended to the in charge teachers and best decision were taken considering the best interest of the students.

Grievances received:

  1. Notes distribution
  2. Cold water purifier

Actions taken:
Decided to keep notes-in charge from the student-council and instructed to keep one or two in charge from each tutorial group for the effective notes distribution.

Special coaching is given to the student teachers through the TEAMS module which boosts the student teachers morale and helps them to perform better. The TEAMS module practiced over the years has kept us in good stead and has been appreciated in the last re-accreditation.

The following are the features of TEAMS:

  • Tutorial Group: The low achievers are identified by their performance at various tests such as the Content Test, Essays and Semester Examination. Each student is individually taken care of by the tutorial group teacher, who tries to find out the root cause of the poor performance of the student and takes appropriate measures, following which a check is kept on his performance.
  • Enrichment through library hours: Extra classes on certain difficult topics by the concerned subject teacher are organized. The slow learners are guided to reference the simplified Instructional Materials available in the library.
  • Adoption Scheme: The low achievers are identified from each tutorial group and if there is more than one low achiever in a tutorial group then each teacher adopts one or two low achievers and guides them accordingly.
  • Mentoring: The mentorship programe abides by Vygotsky theory of the more knowledgeable one teaches the less knowledgeable one. Through this programe, advanced learners as well as slow learners in the class are identified. A one to one conversation with these students help the tutorial teacher to devise a plan of action to channelize the energy and intellect of the advanced learners and support the low achievers. Thus, the slow learners are mentored at various stages during the B.Ed. curricular transactions.
  • Supervised Study Circle: During the study circle the advanced learners study with the low achievers thereby guiding and sharing notes and solving the queries of the low achievers.


  • To provide a safe and non- judgemental environment for the students to discuss issues and problems related to their lives.
  • To understand the confidentiality and seriousness of their problems.
  • To empower students to take steps towards their wellbeing by raising their levels of self awareness.
  • To help the students bring about required changes in their lives and relationships, in turn reducing the stress that they are encountering.
  • To help the students make informed and self-enriching decisions.

Days and timings of the Counselling Unit:

The counsellor is available every week on a Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. The students are free to meet her as per their time permits. Prior appointments will be appreciated.

Details of Counsellor:

Ms. Yvette Lee, MSW