Students’ Council

Student Council 2020-22

The Students’ Council of PCER Chembur’s 2020-22 batch was elected in a unique manner as befitting the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Students were informed about the process of election and selection followed by PCER Chembur. The students came to know the various portfolios, the responsibilities attached with each post and the skills expected for the same.

The students self-nominated themselves via a Google Form and canvasses online via WhatsApp. The Google Form was kept open for three days (from 12th to 14th March, 2021) and the students nominated themselves for the various posts.

On the 17th March, 2021, the nominated candidates canvassed and presented their views in front of the Principal, Faculty and their classmates via a special session on Google Meet. The elections took place via a Google Form and the link to the form was shared in the Google Meet itself.

The election process was followed up with a detailed online interaction with the Principal and the teachers-in-charge, Dr. Swasti Dhar and Dr. Jaya Cherian on the 18th March, 2021 and the results were declared on the same day.

The Oath taking ceremony for the Student Council was completed via Google Meet on 22nd March, 2022.

The elected Student Council members for the batch 2020-22 are as follows:

General SecretaryMs. Chrysll D’souza
Deputy General SecretaryMr. Melvin Chacko and Ms. Dipika Lund
Academic InchargeMs. Anjali Khanna
Assembly InchargeMs. Vairavalakshmi Chelliah
Cultural & Sports InchargeMr. Dale D’silva and Ms. Pooja Mishra
Reports InchargeMs. Namrata Singh
Photo & Records InchargeMs. Devshree Sharma

The Investiture Ceremony of Student Council – 2019-21

The Investiture ceremony of the Student Council was held on the 14th November, 2019 at 11 am in room no. 401.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Bhaskar Thube, Principal of Mahatma Junior College of Education, Chembur. The programme was organised by the Senior Student Council. Ms. Chiara D’Souza hosted the programme. The programme began with the prayer song. The Principal addressed the audience and welcomed the Chief Guest to the Investiture ceremony and congratulated him for being awarded the Ph.D. She spoke on the need to maintain a calm exposure in times of stress and maintain a balanced relations with the students as they co-ordinate the activities of the college.

The Senior Student Council member, Ms. Anuja Kanse introduced the Chief Guest and was felicitated with a token of our love and appreciation. Dr. Thube highlighted on the need for maintaining discipline by the Council members and ensure the maximum participation of each and every student in the college activities. He urged the students to utilize every opportunity given to them by the college to develop their personality.

The Student Council members were administered the Oath of Office and were presented with Badges for their portfolios. Each of the members spoke of how they would contribute to the college and serve the students and the college to the best of their abilities.

The vote of thanks was given by the newly appointed General secretary and the ceremony ended with a group photo session of the Student Council with the faculty of PCER.

Student Council Teachers In charge – Dr. Mary Devakumar
Prof. Vani Achari

The Elections of the Student Council 2019-21

The elections of the Student Council 2019 -21 was held on the 13th November, 2019 by way of secret ballot and the students voted for the candidates as per the portfolios of the Student Council which were

  1. General Secretary
  2. Deputy General Secretary
  3. Academic Incharge
  4. Cultural Incharge
  5. Discipline Incharge
  6. Report Writing In charge
  7. Sports Incharge
  8. Photography Incharge

The votes were counted in the class in the presence of the Principal, faculty and students by the Student Council Incharge teachers. After the counting the teachers vote was also taken and the Council of members were finalized and results declared.

The Student Council members elected were

General Secretary DeputyMs. Sherry Jose
General SecretaryMs. Cristin Kenny & Ms. Jayshree Pillai
Academic In charge Ms. Jenni James & Ms. Sheetal Misar
Cultural In charge Ms. Josmi Jose & Ms. Priyanka Mohite
Discipline In charge Ms. Subbulakshmi M & Ms. Alisha Memom
Sports In charge Ms. Daisya Nadar
Report Writing In charge Ms. Urvi Sadhani
Photography In chargeMs. Ms. Jessi Kamalam

Our Student Council is the official body which is elected by the students to represent them in thesmooth functioning of the college. It’s main objectives are to maintain discipline, provide mechanism to address grievances, conduct various programs, develop team-spirit and co-operative learning amongst student teachers. The various activities conducted by the Students’ Council include conduction of regular meetings, giving instructions in the classes ,conducting academic, sports and cultural activities smoothly and to address the grievances of students to tutorial group teacher, Principal and higher authorities.
It takes initiative to organize cultural events in co-ordination with different tutorial groups and celebrate important days such as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, ‘Independence Day’, Republic day, ‘Teacher’s Day’, ‘Marathi Divas’, Hindi diwas etc. It organizes events, competitions at college level & inter collegiate events like ‘Valeur’.The various programs for ‘Diwali Celebrations’, ‘Alumni Meet’, ‘Christmas Celebrations’ are organized.

PortfolioStudent In-charge
General SecretaryMs. Sudha Priya Raju
Deputy General Secretary Ms. Chiara D’Souza
Academics In-chargeMs. Anuja Kanse
Ms. Ankita Singh
Cultural In-chargeMs .Shweta Pandey
Discipline In-chargeMs. Jyoti Singh
Report Writing In-charge Ms. Angel Nadar
Sports In-charge Mr. Shivam Singh
Photography In-chargeMs. Aisha Khan
Discipline In-chargeMs. Jyoti Singh

Portfolio Details
General Secretary:

Is the Class representative and overall coordinator for all portfolios. General Secretary collates the outcomes of all the activities and is the interface between students and Principal/Faculty.

Dy. General Secretary:

Coordinates with General Secretary to ensure smooth functioning of all the portfolios and works in absence of General Secretary.

Academics In-charge:

Ensures notes is available to all students and coordinates with teachers for notes and references. Also coordinates with General Secretary for any academic related problems.

Cultural In-charge

Coordinates with teacher in-charge for organizing various cultural activities for different events and ensures full participation of students. Takes care that every activity report is made after every event. Cultural In-charge coordinates with photo-in-charge, collects tutorial-wise report, prepares list of participants, assigns duties and prepares list of winners.

Sports In-charge

Coordinates with teacher in-charge of sports and organizes sports day,in-house competition. Prepares list of participants, assigns duties and prepares list of winners and final report making of the events.

Discipline and Cleanliness In-charge

In-charge of discipline during college hours and programmes, preservescongenial and conducive environment. Maintains punctuality. Classroom and corridors maintenance is taken care by the discipline and cleanliness in-charge. Restrictions on mobile phone usage during college hours and proper dress code is also looked into. Discipline in-charge sees to that Students carry their identity cards/library cards daily and coordinate with teacher-in-charge for report making.

Photography In-charge

Is in-charge of photography. Takes care that the camera is ready and charged prior to any event and clicks sufficient photographs of each event. Uploads the photographs immediately and prepars CD /Collage of every event. The PPT with these photographs is displayed during the next event. The photos are displayed on notice board too from time to time and co-ordinates with teacher in-charge for report making.

Report Writing In-charge

Coordinates with all the portfolio-in-charge and collects reports from each portfolio-in-charge and also makes an individual report for each portfolio along with photographs.

PortfolioStudent In-charge
General SecretaryMs. Nanda Deshmukh
Deputy General SecretaryMs. Rebeka Samuel
Academic in ChargeMs. Simran Wadhwa
Ms. Jahaara Hashmi
Cultural in ChargeMs. Mahalakshmi Pillai
Sports in ChargeMs. Jincy James
Discipline in ChargeMs. Sugania Nadar
Report writingMs. Shiny Ribeiro
PhotographyMr. Nikhil Fernandes

PortfolioStudent In-charge
General SecretarySivaranjini Ganeshan
Deputy General SecretaryMyakal Sneha
AcademicsVidya Vasanthi
CulturalRoshini Maria Joseph
ReportsArpitha Cherian
SportsVallookaren Alisha
AssemblyPooja Nair
PhotoJyoti Surgond
DisciplineStella Selvaraj, Amala Pency
PortfolioStudent In-charge
General Secretary1. Prateeksha
2. Surpriya
Deputy General Secretary1. Bhavna
2. Sabrina
Academics1. Selvakanni
2. Isha
3. Binish
4. Priyanka
Cultural1. Nadia
2. Asmita
3. Priya
4. Sreeja
Reports1. Vishaka
2. Shiny
3. Divya
4. Lencika
Sports1. Glen
2. Jeenal
3. Shravanti
4. Ashwini
Assembly1. Reshma
2. Diksha
3. Yasmin
4. Sony
Photo1. Disha
2. Krupa
PortfolioStudent In-charge
General SecretaryMs. Gladnis Samuel, Mr. Shelwin Perreira,
Ms. Rachana Ganatra
Deputy General SecretaryFr. Sebastian Gomes, Ms. Renu Sharma
AcademicsMs. Kavita Balaraman, Ms. Ansu Tripathi, Ms. Prajakta Kamte
AssemblyMs. Smita Gajakos, Ms. Komal Pival
CulturalMs. Anuradha Dubey, Ms. Madhura Toraskar,
Ms. Rajani Gupta
ReportsMs. Jennifer, Ms. Sneha Shah
SportsMs. Vijayalaxmi Nadar, Ms. Shabnam Pathan,
Mr. Sanjaya Gupta
PortfoliosDivision ADivision B
General SecretaryDurai VanitaPankaj Shukla
Deputy General SecretaryTrisha MadhaniEvangeline Arulmary
AcademicsJaya AthwaniAarti Singh
SportsPradeep JaiswarDhanya Thoppil
CulturalMansi SalviPriyanka Nair
AssemblySavio PereiraJyoti Malhotra
Discipline and CleanlinessParveen KhanMehrunnisa Kazi
ReportPriyanka DeySwati Mukund
PhotoHarsha LambaThomas Joseph